A New Standard of Mastermind for Business Owners

Collaborate with vetted entrepreneurs dedicated to mutual support, personal development, and business performance.

Vetted Team Members

Extensive application process ensures highest standard of professionalism, commitment, & contribution of value from each member.

Bottom Line Results

Mastermind formats, holistic approach and ongoing accountability drive measurable improvements in business performance and personal relationships.

Non-Profit Impact

All proceeds go towards funding student access to mental health + interpersonal relationship workshops

Business is a Team Activity.

Don’t Play Alone!

1. Join an EXPLR GROUP / Team / Mastermind. Collaborate.

2. Forge Symbiotic Partnerships. Accelerate Personal Growth. Elevate Business Performance.

3. Starting & growing a business is COMPLEX, RISKY, & DEMANDING.

It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurs that enlist help from experienced mentors make better decisions, accelerate growth, mitigate financial risk, and evolve into more effective servant leaders.

The entrepreneurial journey is full of adversity.

Entrepreneurs that isolate fail. Entrepreneurs that collaborate succeed.

The explr foundation, inc. brings ambitious entrepreneurs together in a collaborative spirited masterminds that empower personal development, business success, and positive community impact.

Build powerful collaborations with passionate entrepreneurs like to succeed in business, relationships and life.

1. Apply & Join an EXPLR TEAM

Submit a detailed application, complete interviews and choose your investment package to secure your seat at the roundtable

2. Attend Weekly Masterminds

Engage in deep discussions designed to help humans and businesses grow.

3. Collaborate & Achieve Your Goals

Share resources, feedback, insights, technology, & more with your team as you all level up

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